Stainless steel Precision filter 3ROUNDS 20"

Model:3ROUNDS 20"
Stainless steel cartridge filters
1 cylindrical shells, 304 or 316L stainless steel,
2match with single or multivessel filte


Stainless steel cartridge filter

Working principle of Stainless steel Precision filter
Stainless steel precision filter is to adopt the molding of filtration material, under the action of the pressure filtration material, make prefiltration through, stay in wall, phosphate-contained residue filtrate through filtering material flow, so as to achieve the purpose of filter.
Filtration material molding of filter cloth and filter are:, filter slice, sintering filter tubes, wire wound filter, melt-spurt filter core, etc. Because of the different filtration material, filtration aperture is not identical also.

Stainless steel precision filterwas between sand filter (coarse filter) and ultrafiltration between filtering, filtration aperture in commonly 0.5 ~ 120 mu m range. The same form of filtration material, press envelop dimensions can be divided into different specifications.
Wire wound filter (also called hive filter) has two kinds: one kind is polypropylene fibre - polypropylene skeleton cores, highest use temperature 60 °C; Another kind is absorbent cotton fiber - stainless steel frame filter, the highest temperature. Use 120 °C
Melt-spurt polypropylene filter is for raw material, adopting melt-spurt technology shaping filter material, the maximum operating temperature 60 °C. Stainless steel precision filtercan remove the water the suspended material and fine, certain colloid particles, etc.
Second, Stainless steel precision filtercharacteristic:
1, Material and structure
l cylindrical shells, 304 or 316L stainless steel,
l match with single or multivessel filter,
l customers can request the qualitative customized processing.
2, Model
l shell material: 304, 316L stainless steel, carbon steel and optional resin shell,
l filter quantity: 1, 2, 3 core core core... ;
l cartridge length: single section, second quarter, three, four day (every 10 "for the section),
l filter installation forms: international general flat crush type, card into the type and plug-in,
l cylinder and base way.this way: quick open type (Q), flange type (F);
l medium inlet and outlet connections: quick open type (Q), thread type (S) and flange type (F);
Can filter medium: liquid (L), gas (G).
3, Performance characteristics of Stainless steel precision filter:
(1) filtering precision, filter aperture evenly.
(2) filter small resistance and flux big, cut corrupt capability is strong, long service life.
(3) filter materials for spotlessness, filter medium pollution-free.
(4) in acid or alkali chemical solvents.
(5) strength, high temperature resistant, filter is out of shape not easily.
(6) cheap, low operating cost, easy cleaning, filter replaceable.

1, nanofiltration (NF), ultrafiltration (UF), RO (RO), electrodialysis (EDI) system security filtration and terminal filter,
2, medicine injection, big transfusion, eye drops, Chinese herbal medicine, biological agents such as filtering liquor extraction, purification and concentration,
3, electronics, microelectronics, semiconductor industry with high pure water filtration, advance the terminal filtration,
4, oilfield waterflooding, back to the boiler make-up water, chemical reagent, liquid organic products, high purity chemicals, strong medicine such as filtering,
5, drinking pure water, mineral water, juice, tea beverages, health drink filtering,
6, liquor, wine, beer, yellow wine and other ratafia filtering, pure draft beer aseptic filtration (replacing pasteurising);
7, production and living in wastewater treatment and water recycling process of pretreatment filter or security filtering,
8 and other such as biological engineering, oil refining, printing and dyeing, textile industry of water and wastewater treatment, scientific experiment filtration and so on.

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